井澤由美子の食薬ごはん Yumiko Izawa








Hello. My name is Yumiko Izawa.I have a favorite expression. “Ingredients and cooking made with love bring happiness to our bodies and minds.”Well rooted foods not just preserve our health, but also keep our minds well.For example a Takuan pickle (a dried, pickled giant white radish), is already a real treat if the radish was nourished by good soil, dried at its best, and pickled just right.Each process done with love is bringing out the natural flavor of foods.This makes having rice and such Takuan pickles already a very sumptuous meal in some way.

Farm work and home carpentry are also parts of my life as well as cooking.I raise herbs which grow with little effort in my tiny vegetable garden.Herbs like parsley, mint, and basil, and more such as Japanese pepper, olive, and lemon.They all smell good and edible.I sometimes, on a whim, raise vegetables.I really like the garden since it’s close and convenient when I need something for cooking or brewing tea. Little flowers, sprouts and a multitude of greens also provide me a relaxing time.

I sometimes make wreaths with brilliant colored leaves, powerfully grown herbs, cherry tomatoes and sets of strawberries.My kitchen is all self-handmade except the sills which the carpenter made and the embedded windows.When the white walls get dirty, I dip my brush in paint and repaint them on the spot.The sills are equipped with tiles made in Japan on which you can directly put hot pots and frying pans. The walls are covered with various tiles imported from abroad.The shelves are adjusted to my height and waist to ease the work and the width of the cupboards are arranged in order to easily take out the tableware and have a full view of them.I’m enjoying improving my kitchen little by little.

We’ve only got once to live, so nothing could be happier if we could spend everyday lives finding our own pleasures even in small things.